Alpaca Welfare

Happy and healthy is our No.1 priority

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Reliable Water
Summer Haircuts
Home w/ private court yard
Code of Welfare
Code of Welfare
Loose-lead Interactions
Specialist Shearers
Gentle Training
Dedicated Housemaid
Yummy Pellets
Remote Paddock Monitoring
Herd Up-bringing
Rodent-proof & Fresh
Home Schooling
Treated Like Kings
Library Membership
Oaten Chaff
Account w/ Specialist Veterinary Surgery
Trained Carers
Secured Estate Living
On-site Alpaca First Aid Kit
Spelling Pens
Herd size permits spells and constant companionship
Temperament Screening
The best hay
Window Seat
Shopping Days
Client contract w/ welfare clause
Comfortable transport w/ AC
Regular Check-ups
Stairs & slippery floors avoided
Respected as sentient
Friday Drinks
Stress-free Immobilisation
Self-initiated Interactions
Paddock Weeding
Client contract w/ interaction clause
Alpaca Blend
Comfortable On-site Digs
Customised Halters
Histology & Blood Analysis
when required.
Table-top Shearing
Dust Baths
WiFi w/ Unlimited Data
In-House Health Management
See-through dog-proof Fencing
Dinner always on the table
Mid-gig Runs
Mobile Home
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