Alpaca Lead Walks & Talks

Enjoy an alpaca amble through the setting of your choice whilst walking one or two of our alpacas. You will be accompanied by AK founder - Maria. You can walk through parks, down street or city-scapes, along beaches, through a garden or nature reserve. Caution - pick your site carefully as every man, woman and dog within 1km will want to come and say g'day.

Popular with Bridal Showers, Hens Night kick-off and 'Girls Night Out'.

This experience can also be quite helpful for someone (or group) with a high-stress job who needs a good hour shake-out and healthy dose of Vitamin N (nature). A useful offering also for those needing a contemplative quiet walk with nature to help sort out life's jigsaw pieces and re-set for the week. A walk with kids helps them develop care,reverence, empathy and responsibility for animals and nature in general.

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