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Gold Hat Photography

Mark is a Wedding Photographer specialising in natural wedding photography. He loves shooting weddings! No other day contains so much love, laughter and tears than the day you say “I do”. His goal with every wedding is to capture real moments and raw emotion to create something truly unique. He is not interested in staging anything ‘for the photo’ – my candid wedding photography style will ensure your day is documented in an honest way that reflects you and your loved ones on the most special day of your life.

Moments Photography & Film

Simon and Shyani feel so privileged to tell your stories through their lenses, creating beautiful memories that grow more valuable with each passing day. The style at Moments Photography & Film is journalistic, romantic, elegant, bright, light & airy.


The most important thing Siempre always tell their clients is that you have to love the work of the supplier you are booking because what you see is what you get. 

How can you not love their work - check them out!

Fortunate Fellow Photography

We had the pleasure of meeting the Fortunate Fellow (Ron) at the Burnham Grove Estate Open Day. Ron is able to capture great candid images of the alpacas meeting with guests.Ron is one of our favourite photographers. A very keen eye for capturing the candid and the context. His post production image treatment is unique, consistent and very natural.

Jonathan David Photography

Jonathan is totally relaxed and unobtrusive, he lets your day unfold as it should, documenting it truthfully, with a healthy sprinkle of artistic flair. With a keen eye for detail and a super-human ability to see the little fleeting moments in-between, he wants you to be transported back in time to relive the warmth, excitement and genuine emotion of your wedding day, every time you look through the gorgeous imagery he creates.

James White Photography

James says it isn't about paying someone to take photos. This is about an experience, a journey, one which forms lifelong memories, some of the greatest memories in your entire life. When making this decision, the more you know, the better! James is always keen to help people plan the wedding of their dreams (unless the football is on, then you gonna have to wait…sorry!).

Amber Wynn-Jones

Amber photographs to capture the realness of love and joy that makes life worth living! Photographs are more than just eye candy, they have the power to tell a story, to bring forth emotions and leave a legacy. If you're living a life worth remembering, document it!

Dean Snushall Photography

Dean loves to get creative and has a tendency of encouraging couples to come on an adventure with me jump a fence into a farm and create some amazing portraits. He also tries to incorporate the natural environment that surrounds us on locations. His approach throughout the rest of the day is like just being a guest at the wedding with a camera, most people do not realise where he is most of the time as he just fits in and captures those real natural moments in time, those tears of joy and those embarrassing drunken antics on the dance floor.

AcB Photos

ACB Photos is created by Me Ariane Banaag. I am a portrait photographer residing in Sydney. I mainly cover Events, Engagements, Family, Kids, Birthdays, Fashion and Portfolio work. If you like my style of portrait photography and in need of one please feel free to contact me through Facebook or e-mail me at

Ave Me Photography

Joel captures beautiful and candid wedding photography, telling the story of your day in a natural way, and allowing you to relax and enjoy your big celebration!

Sue Taylor Photography

Elope or Wed with a Twist is a unique & affordable way to get married. Based in the stunning Hunter Valley wine region just 2 hours north of Sydney. It's a fun, romantic, stress free and affordable way to tie the knot. It's about having it all done for you. No need to spend a year of your life pulling your hair out to plan just one day. No need to break the bank for just one day. We do it all for you.

Di Watson Photography

Photography for Di started as a hobby and wasn’t something she chose as a career. She had decided on becoming a vet nurse due to her love of animals at high school. She still loves her vet nursing and works one day a week at the surgery in Penrith where she has been for over 30 years. It’s a little difficult to give up something you love.

Mr Wigley Photography

It’s always been about the fun times. It all started back when Darren was shooting bands & gigs; then he shot his first wedding and BAMM! MR.WIGLEY was born! Being a part of a wedding gives him a real buzz. Everyone is so happy and having the time of their lives. This is Darren, and he captures happy.


Let Darren capture all the best bits, the love, laughter, tear and cheers so you can lose yourself in the fun. Relive it all again later with photos that are 'so you, and not 'so everyone'.

Stacie Pearce Photography

As a photographer, Stacie strives to capture life as it happens naturally. Stacie is learning and continuously finding beauty in faces and everyday life. Stacie's hobby is now her full time craft and she would love the opportunity to forever capture the beauty in your event, and the moments of your life that you want to hold onto forever.

Syd Photos

Syd Photos professional team of photographers, models, stylists and makeup artists offer a range of creative services to produce high quality, dynamic multi-media products. They work closely with their clients providing the very best in wedding, portrait and commercial photography in Sydney.

Simone Photography

As an experienced family photographer in Sydney, Simone's aim is to make for a fun, comfortable and natural photographic experience for the whole family. You can happily leave that up to Simone! Simone will work with you to create a relaxed and intimate environment that’s conducive to those gorgeous, romantic and authentic shots you really

Ben Howland

Ben's photos are honest and real.

It's important for Ben to keep direction to a minimum. For the majority of the day, Ben keeps out of the way and lets everything occur naturally. He'll pipe up for a bit shooting your family photos and give you a hand looking your best during portraits, but that's about it. Ben include the funny, the unexpected and the genuine frames as well as the emotional moments.

Zee & Cee Studio

To Dean and Rebecca, photography is more than pictures – it is about building relationships and being a part of milestone moments in the lives of others. Tell them about your love story.

Tim Jones Photography

Photography is an incredibly powerful medium that I feel fortunate to have been working with for twenty years. While not in the studio, you’ll often find me working one of my many personal projects - from adventuring through the jungles of Colombia, chasing Alpacas in the Blue Mountains or having a beer with a bearded hipster in Bondi.

T-One Image

T-One's fine art approach to wedding photography results in flawless images of exceptional quality and finish that are as beautiful, individual and unique as your relationship. With a wealth of experience and expertise, T-One Image has become synonymous with truly exceptional and unique photography.

Inlights Photography

Russell comes from a family of professional photographers and did his first paying photographic job at the age of 15. With experience in Weddings, portraiture, Corporate, industrial, product, fashion, aerial, food and sport photography as well as professional photographic labs and photographic design.

WedShed Photographers

Searching for the most creative, talented vendors to work with for your wedding? You've landed in the right place. Refine your search based on vendor type, the location they're based, as well as the venues they service. ‌And once you've found a vendor you love, get in touch with them directly via their profile to ask any questions or arrange a booking.

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