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Events, Parties, Fairs, Expos, Picnics and Open Days

Universally loved by all, the touch of nature provided by our alpacas is always a big hit. AK alpacas are perfect guests at School Fetes, Natural Produce Fairs/Expos,  Bush Dances and are great ice-breakers at BBQs, Garden Parties, X-mas Parties and Corporate or Family Picnic Days.

Hospitals / Treatment Facilities / Aged Care

Hum along with an alpaca. Catch a 'kiss'. Brighten the day, brighten the stay, be blown away. Laugh and giggle or simply share a quite reflective moment. Whisper a few prayers to Mother Nature's representative. Receive one of nature's magic touches.Take a break from reality, enter the surreal.

Check out AAA

Venue Kicker (a.k.a an Alpaca-ccino) / Product Launches

Having one of our Alpacas pop-in and say 'G'day' (a.k.a an alpaca-ccino) once in a while is like an espresso shot for your business! Customers and staff love it and it helps put you on the 'map'. Great for a Cafe or Beer Garden with an outdoor area. Watch your presence on social media spike!

Wedding Expos, Fairs and Markets

Our alpaca interaction service has proven to be a huge hit with attendees of wedding expos and fairs. They are superb social catalysts and add an incredible buz and wow factor to any wedding industry marketing function. Alpaca Kisses proudly promotes your event via it's website and social media platform. We often get the following comment " knowing that you guys were going to be here was what finally made me decide to come today".

The win-win nature of our attendance is acknowledged. Let's chat!

Corporate Recharges

Sign up for a few alpaca recharges. Our alpaca/s will wander through your workplace, visit the water cooler and do a 'cleanse'. Their persona and friendliness will provide a brief distraction that will melt away workplace stress and clear the mind. A 'kiss' from an alpaca is like a 're-boot' - ones head is lifted, the days crap rolls away, the head clears and the focus re-sharpens. Be a gem (increase morale, decrease stress, increase retention) give your employees a little Alpaca Lift once in a while.

Alternatively consider aligning a visit to break the ice and ease an organisational change or facilitate a team building exercise.

Our alpacas are a perfect match for a employee well-being initiative or to support a mental health awareness campaign.

Day Care, Disability Services, Out-of-School Care

A special gentle touch of nature that connects and reconnects people to nature. The calm nature of our alpacas and handlers can melt phobias associated with animals and nature in general. Perfect for early lessons in animal care, respect, behaviour and risk aversion.

Check out AAA

Queue Entertainment

Will your patrons need to endure a long boring queue?

We can walk the queue lines and provide exciting memorable interaction moments.

"Who would like a selfie?"!

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