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“Australian ALPACAS are affected by camelid-specific worm species, as well as sheep and cattle worms. Parasitic gastroenteritis can lead to diarrhoea and/or anaemia, ill thrift, loss of production (reduced growth, less wool production, poor fertility) and death of alpacas.” 
WEC / FEC Service
Alpaca Kisses regularly conducts in-house faecal worm egg count (FEC) on its heard to maximise herd health and welfare. We are happy to extend this service to others who have alpacas in the Hawkesbury area. It is recommended by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) that counts are conducted every 4 - 6 weeks and 10-14 days after drenching. Counts help determine if treatments are needed and how effective the treatments are. Counts also play a role in minimising the risks of the worms building a resistance to the various treatments.
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