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Following is how the NSW Ministry of Health defines Animal Assisted Interventions


"AAI involves therapeutic processes that intentionally include or involve animals as part of the process (Krug, Serpell, 2006). Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal-Assisted Activities, and service animals (eg Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs) are examples of animal assisted interventions that involve animals with specific characteristics and become fundamental to a person's treatment".

Alpaca assisted therapy can be a unique and powerful addition to the care plan of an aged care facility, mental health facility, adult's hospital, children's hospital or similar facility.


Research has demonstrated that animal assisted therapy can  positively affect the health and wellbeing of patients and residents.

A visit from an alpaca or  two throughout the year to a care facility can also provide a welcome and curious distraction for family members and staff. It can help emphasise the 'humanity' of residents and in turn reinvigorate staff satisfaction, morale and the quality of their ongoing care to patients and residents.

Alpaca Moments

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)

Our friendly alpacas are able to wander through most venues (be they indoors and outdoors) gently greeting all those who care to be met. Their persona provides a welcome distraction that seems to melt stress and 're-centre' people - allowing a return to work, rest, therapy or rehabilitation with renewed vigour, calm and focus.

Just the thing for a Diversional Therapist or Recreation Officer at a Nursing Home, Disability Service or Care Facility.


Definition of AAA

Alpaca Whispers

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Sometimes (in the right hands and under professional guidance) a little touch of nature, a distraction, a calming influence, an impartial, non-judging, non-threatening, all listening, large eyed, gently smiling, curious, friendly, vulnerable entity can be just the 'lubricant' a professional therapist or Councillor needs to bump a good session to a great and significant session. We hope our little touch of nature can help. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Definition of AAT

Corporate Recharge

Sign up for a few alpaca recharges. Our alpaca/s will wander through your workplace, visit the water cooler and do a 'cleanse'. Their persona and friendliness will provide a brief distraction that will melt away workplace stress and clear the mind. A 'kiss' from an alpaca is like a 're-boot' - ones head is lifted, the days crap rolls away, the head clears and the focus re-sharpens. Be a gem (increase morale, decrease stress, increase retention) give your employees a little Alpaca Lift once in a while.

Alternatively consider aligning a visit to break the ice and ease an organisational change or facilitate a team building exercise.

Our alpacas are a perfect match for a employee well-being initiative or to support a mental health awareness campaign.

Student Pressure Release


During examination periods student stress levels can soar. A visit to an education institution by our alpacas can be the perfect distraction to 'calm-ya-farm', to promote social interaction, to re-ground, clear the mind and release the lid on the 'pressure-cooker'.

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