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Alpaca Kisses


Special Occasions

No wedding or special occasion is complete without a touch of nature. Receive nature’s blessing from our adorable alpacas. These gentle, gregarious, lovable creatures will give your special day that extra dash of magic and wonder.

Video Call with an Alpaca

Over it! Need a pep up? ...a break from the mundane. Need to escape the four walls and 'go country'. Need time-out from your two-legged co-workers or your customers? Need to have a serious chat with an all-ears non-judging alpaca - then book in for a 10min 'alpacaccino chat'. Go put the kettle on, make a cuppa, practice a few humming noises and one of our alpacas will give you a video call.

Alpacaccino Chat - private chill-out coffee break.

Alpaca Quorum - social catalyst for small groups.

Alpaca Cameo - for large corporate group calls.

Photography & Productions

A natural touch that helps break-the-ice during professional shoots, enabling the creation of incredible and unique memories. Our professional handlers are very happy to work with your photographer. Our alpacas love cameras.

Alpaca Walk & Talk

Ambles with an alpaca presents opportunities for casual interactions and conversations with our alpacas. You can have one or more alpacas join you for your  morning or lunchtime walk, an escort to a picnic or as a chaperone to the cocktail or garden party. You can  choose your own setting whether beach, city-scape or nature reserve. Our alpacas are superb social catalysts and excellent listeners.

Alpaca Activators

Having one of our Alpacas pop-in and say G'day once in a while is like an espresso for your business, workplace or care facility! Alpacas bring a little magic to every setting - decreasing stress and re-energising a workplace. An alpaca 'kiss' is like a little midday re-boot that makes the day brighter, clearer and much more fun.

Are your patrons having to endure long queues? We walk the queue lines and entertain them with unique memorable interaction moments.

Assisted Interventions

Guided interaction with Alpacas with specific characteristics can facilitate a number of therapeutic processes. Interaction with these animals can, when professionally facilitated, provide a stimulus that can promote life skills and in some cases be fundamental to a person's treatment. A particularly useful tool for Diversional Therapy in Nursing Homes, Disability Services and experienced psychology clinics.

Education Opportunities

In nature there are lessons for us all ... if you know where to look. Opportunities range from Basic Animal Needs and Life in Peru to Diversional Therapy and Veterinary Science.

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Turn your shoot into something incredible and totally unique. Capture genuine candid emotions. Evoke the OMG factor. 

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