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"I love witnessing the pure joy, the moments of connectedness and the sheer reverence that the alpacas instil in those whom they say hello to. Equally, I enjoy seeing the alpacas enjoying themselves.


...moments that I call 'alpaca kisses'."

beautiful life-affirming magic moments...

...a world first!*

It is so much fun creating

Maria & Chai

​​Who is Maria ...

In many ways Maria Olive-Marchant is one of a kind, the progeny of a distinguished Australian Battle of Britain spitfire pilot and an award winning Australian Pony breeder, she grew up on a pony's back cantering around south east Queensland regional showgrounds. Maria has cycled solo through Europe, au paired at gun-point in Colorado, dodged pirates in the Philippines, dodged chairs in the classroom, raced dogsleds through forests, leapt with a snake, been bitten by a centipede, joked during a cockpit cracking landing on a remote beach, swept lines of cocaine into the trash and been paid to live on Great Keppel Island.


After being proposed to on horseback whilst galloping through the surf she settled in the Hawkesbury, raised two sons, an adventure architect (hubby), a foster daughter and a menagerie that over the years has included ponies, horses, a miniature, a cow, chickens, mice, budgerigars, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a goat, a sheep, a cat, koi carp, ducks and of course alpacas. Maria has taught many people with disabilities how to ride horses. Her compassion, patience and grace when handling animals and working with people is a pleasure to behold.


More exciting though is Maria herself (diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2007) - she is an infectious positive dynamo who manages to find time and energy to be an inspiring mother, wife, friend and 'alpaca whisperer'. Maria is fully committed to the alpacas in her care and to the quality of people's experience of them. Maria loves animals and she loves people and feels she is privileged and blessed to be able to provide a service that facilitates safe and memorable moments between two loves of her life.


Maria kicked her little Alpaca Kisses hobby off in March 2018.

... she is someone who brings a smile to the hearts of animals and people.

*Alpaca Kisses is the world's first mobile animal interaction service dedicated solely to the joy of alpacas.

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