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Many years ago now, precisely how many I don’t know

I couldn’t wait to see the alpacas and their crias at our local Ag show

As I entered the pavilion someone shouted “You can look but don’t touch”

I felt somewhat bemused - I didn’t care for their rules much!


Still, obediently I obliged - well  I gave it  my best 

I was just using my eyes when I somehow failed the request.

As a gorgeous young cria with the most extraordinary brown eyes 

Raced over straight to me - despite her Ma’s cries


Well I could hardly believe how my luck went that day

When that glorious young creature came pronking my way

I did nothing to lure her - for some reason she chose me 

I merely crouched down to observe her - and she just happened to see.


As she came over to me - her attention felt grand

And OH that magic moment when she kissed my hand!

To be touched by a creature as exquisite as this

Is a moment to relish - pure tactile bliss!


Well the cranky old man who was watching us then

Stormed over to move me - away from her pen

He said “DO NOT TOUCH I think you should go"

But he didn’t know - I’d just received - the best prize at the show


An alpaca’s touch - a true experience of bliss 

An extraordinary sensation- not a wet, sloppy kiss

It is second to none - a truly unforgettable touch

Alpaca kisses - I love them so much!



        This is my story. 


Maria  :)

 A Touch of  Nature    

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