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Alpaca Cameo (Large Group Video Call)

A 10 minute live cameo appearance of an alpaca on a large group (11+ delegates) on-line corporate type video conference call.


No office is complete without a touch of nature. A vase of fresh flowers at reception. A pot plant at the water cooler. .... and of course an alpaca at the online meeting!!


Have an alpaca pronk on into your group call and Zoom Bomb it. A 10min cameo appearence to break the session up. Recharge the tired minds. Break the ice. Break the stand-off. Defuse the tension. Make everyone seem human again as they respond with emotional cries of 'OMG' and 'sooo cute'. Provide some light entertainment for the pre-meeting early log-ins or for the coffee break. Give the meeting a shot-in-the-arm. Go country. Calm-the-farm. Let people see the smiles of other people. ''Guess what happened today at work!" moment at dinner. Make someones day! Get greater call sign-ins and retention.


....perfect treat for a work place's Happy Hour.


And then to top the year off our alpacas can then be hired to provide entertainment or at-door security screening at your company's X-mas party.





"Casper the Alpaca talking strategy with the Loc8 team during our latest Zoom call! What a great way to lighten the mood, big thanks to Alpaca Kisses" - John Jenkins, Loc8


"A colleague arranged for Alpaca Kisses to dial into our team meeting as a surprise lockdown pick me up. Maria and Kent (and the Alpacas) were a delight. They’d even done some homework on what our company does and sent a follow up message to us to thank us for the work we do. Highly recommend as an experience to bring a bit of joy into lockdown life!" - Kylie Berg-Evans, Allen & Clarke Consultants


"Thank you so much ... It was such a treat to meet ... the beautiful alpacas. It gave our team such a boost, and it was just the silly, adorable, and picturesque lockdown escape that we needed. Hopefully I’ll be able to find an excuse to do it again sometime!" - Esther White, Allen & Clarke Consultants


Alpaca Cameo (Large Group Video Call)

  • After you make the reservation for a call we'll contact you to confirm our availability to match the date and time that you requested above. If, together, we are not able to find an alternative date and time then we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

    Our mission is to make the video call happen and to provide up to at least 10min of online time with an alpaca.

    In the case of the following (and only the following) we will refund 100% of the purchase price

    1. No convienent date or time can be negotiated.

    2. We are unable to make the call within 15min of the nominated time.

    In the case where the call is unanswered (after several attemps within 10min of the nominated call time) we will refund 50% of the purchase price.

    If technology lets us all down and we do not achieve a satisfying experience then we will end the call early and provide full credit for a re-scheduled call at a later date/time.

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